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Any Send: Share Files Between Macs Over WiFi From The Menu Bar

Macs, the newer ones and a fair number of older ones, support a feature called AirDrop, a Wi-Fi ad-hoc file sharing service that allows users to transfer files to other Macs on the same network. AirDrop is slightly problematic to set up at times, but once you set it up properly, it works without any issues. It is accessible from the Finder menu or from its respective folder, while files are sent by selecting AirDrop from the menu option or by dropping them over one of the Mac icons displayed in the AirDrop folder. If you’ve had trouble setting it up and are looking for a significantly simpler solution that requires close to no settings to configure, you should try Any Send. It’s a free Mac app that runs in the menu bar and supports custom keyboard shortcuts. You can send a single or multiple files at once by selecting and copying them the conventional way. The Mac you want to send the files to can be selected from the app’s menu bar icon.

In order to send files between two systems, make sure that both systems are on the same Wi-Fi network and running Any Send app. Just select a file or files; if you select multiple files, there will be no preview and just a simpler folder icon, however, the app will render a thumbnail preview of a file whenever it can. Click the Any Send icon in the menu bar and select the Mac you want to send the file to.

Any Send

On the other end, the recipient will be prompted that another system is sharing a file. The prompt allows the recipient to decline or accept the file transfer request. Once you click the Always button to accept the file, that system will be whitelisted and then you can directly send the files without waiting for the confirmation from the receiving end.

Any Send incoming

Any Send supports keyboard shortcuts for opening the sent files menu and the received files folder. The shortcuts can be edited from the app’s preferences, however, the location for saving the files is fixed. You can remove a whitelisted Mac from the Security tab, set the app to show a notification when a file is received from the Network tab, and manage the apps sounds and animations from the General tab. For those of you who are using Mac OS X Mountain Lion, the app can send notifications directly to Notification Center.

Any Send preferences

There are two things left wanting in this app; the ability to change the location for saved files and, since you will be receiving files from more than one Mac, there should be an auto grouping option that creates a folder for each Mac and saves the files received to it, respectively. Compared to the AirDrop utility, Any Send is more likely to work on older Macs that support AirDrop, but have trouble getting the feature to work.

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