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App Zap: Remove Apps & All Files Associated With Them On Mac [Paid]

Some apps play nice, others not so much. At some point, we download a seemingly innocent app that will do what it says and be easily banished when we’re tired of it or have no use for it. However, it later turns out that app is there to stay, whether we like it or not. Evil apps? Not necessarily. Some apps have more files than others, and depending on what they do, they copy those files to different locations. While you can delete these apps, finding and tracking down the rest of the files isn’t easy. If you haven’t enabled viewing hidden files, it is likely you won’t get to the Saved Application State folder in Library, and will retain some files from an installed, and later removed, app. App Zap is an app uninstaller for Mac that is worth $4.99 in the Mac app store that not only lets you delete files, but also view and selectively remove files created by the app or the app itself.

The app has drag & drop interface, and all you need to do is select an app from the Applications folder, and drop it onto the garbage bin.

App Zap app app

The app will look for all files and folders associated with the app and list them. You can chose to view the files in Finder and unselect the ones you don’t want to remove. This is useful if you want to delete a user profile created by an app and not the app itself.

App Zap app files

Select the files you want to remove and click the Zap button at the bottom right. The app will ask you to confirm the operation, and remove the files. The app in question will be sent to Trash by default; however, you can change that from the app’s options. Click the cog wheel button at the top right of the app and select whether or not the app should be removed permanently.

App Zap settings

As far as an app uninstaller goes, App Zap does what it promises, and has a neat interface . Other than an otherwise smooth operation, you can view files before deleting them and make sure you don’t remove anything you meant to keep.

Get App Zap From Mac App Store


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