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AppTrap Deletes Left Over Data Of Mac Applications When You Trash Them

Do you use Mac junk cleaners, like, CleanMyMac, OnyX and other like tools, to delete left over data, saved preferences, and other associated files of already trashed applications? How about a utility which has the ability to instantly delete all the associated files whenever you move application from Mac App folder to Trash? AppTrap is an application written to offer this very convenience to Mac users. It integrates with Mac System Preferences, letting you activate and deactivate AppTrap’s observing process. Once activated, it starts observing ‘application to trash’ action from user.

When you attempt to trash an application, it sends a prompt, asking you to either keep application’s data or move all the associated files of application being trashed to Trash. Clicking Move files will start the process of finding and moving the associated data of application in question.

After the AppTrap is integrated into System Preferences window, click Start AppTrap to start its service.

apptrap 3

When you move the application to Trash, you will see a AppTrap prompt asking to move the associated files. Upon clicking Move files, it will start moving all the related files and data to Trash.

tincta delete 2

AppTrap service runs as long as you want. To stop this behavior of moving associated files to Trash, you need to stop the service from System Preferences. It is an open source application that works on all versions of Mac.

Download AppTrap

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  1. The problem with this app (and every other that does the same), is that they still leave files behind.
    The best solution I’ve encountered is to simply go into your “Library” folder, and do a search for the app’s name/company and delete that, you’ll have very superior results.

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