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Automatically Unclutter, Organize Your Mac Desktop Everyday With Clean

A while back, we featured Desktoday to organize Mac OS X desktop items. The application focuses on organizing files and folders by dates; it lets you move items used today to respective date stamped folder. The only drawback of Desktoday is that it doesn’t include an option to automate the process, thus, requiring user to select the option from menu bar to clean the desktop from unnecessary items. Clean is relatively powerful application for Mac which performs desktop organization in somewhat similar fashion. Clean has been designed specifically to automate the process of cleaning desktop from superfluous files and folders. It can clean your desktop everyday without requiring you to launch the application or select any of its desktop cleaning options. It checks if it is a new day after every 60 minutes in order to clean your desktop.

So how does it work? Clean creates a date stamped directory at user-specified location to move the desktop items used on current day to that folder. You can either manually perform the cleaning operation or let it perform the desktop cleanup in default way.

The main interface has two options; Clean Now and Start & Hide. The former option allows users to manually run the clean operation while the latter can be used to let Clean work silently in background.


In order to change desktop cleaning frequency (Every day or Every week), switch to Settings tab, and select the respective option from Clean frequency. By default, it groups items by day, however, you can group items by month or disable grouping feature completely. Before performing the first cleanup, specify the target folder where your daily/weekly desktop items will be moved.

clean organize

Clean works on Mac 10.6.6 and later.

Get Clean from Mac App Store

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