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Backuplist+: Create Sets Of Files & Folders For Automated Backup [Mac]

Time Machine is a feature in Mac that regularly backs up your hard drive, but setting it up, although worth the effort, is not something that a lot of people might consider doing. This is partly because not all data is equally important, and because the backups will consume precious space. Backuplist+ is a Mac app that is much simpler to set up, and ideal if you want to take periodic backups of particular files and folders to an external drive. The app not only backs up files and folders, but can also create backup images, ready for burning on optical drives. You can schedule backups at any interval of your choice, and as frequently as you want.

Once installed, create a Set (files and folders group to be synced together) to back up your first batch of files. Click the plus sign in the bottom left corner of the left panel, and enter a name for the set. To add files and folders, you can either drag & drop them onto the right panel, or use the plus sign below it. Specify a destination for saving the backed up files in the Destination folder, and click Backup.


Backup intervals can be determined for each set. Click the clog wheel at the bottom of the app window, specify a folder name for a particular set to be backed up to, add a date to the folder name, and schedule when and how often you want the set to be backed up from the Settings tab.

Backuplist settings

If you have a folder with a larger number of files that you want to exclude from the backup, you may do so by defining an exclusion criteria in the Exclude list tab. Additionally, you can run certain scripts before or after backing the up from the Automation tab, receive email alerts when a backup has successfully been taken, and even send your system sleep or shutdown commands once backup is complete. This feature can be highly useful if you want to take a backup at the end of the day, without having to wait for it to finish so you can log off.

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