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BetterDictionary: Bookmark Word Search In Stock Dictionary App [Mac]

Just about everyone relies on spellcheck; whether you’re looking something up on Google or writing an important email, spellcheck is probably the only thing that keeps others from finding out how good/bad your spellings really are. Similarly, we owe a lot to Wikipedia and online dictionaries for giving us a quick overview on short notice. If you use a Mac, you have the Dictionary app, which has a pretty good database in itself and comes in handy in case your internet is down. BetterDictionary is a small plug-in for Dictionary on your Mac that allows you to bookmark searches in Dictionary and view them again anytime. The plug-in can be extremely useful if you’re reading something, and continually have to look up words to understand it. The plug-in will allow you to recall them easily without having to type in the word or phrase again.

Since this is a plug-in for Dictionary, it will work only in the app itself, and has no interface of its own. The plugin works with shortcuts. Search for a word and pick the relevant result from the list of possible matches on the left. Hit Command + S, and the plug-in will save that word.

BetterDictionary search

To view a complete list of word searches that you’ve bookmarked, hit Command + Shift + D, and a side bar will open listing all the words you’ve saved.


Click any word to view it again, hit Command + R to remove a word from the list, and Command + Shift + R to remove all bookmarked words. Needless to say, the plug-in adds small but highly useful functionality to the Dictionary app. Regardless of which dictionary you saved the word in, it will always remember your bookmarked words and allow you to view them with a single click.

Download BetterDictionary For Mac

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