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Bird Bell: Monitor Your Twitter Notifications From The Menu Bar [Mac]

We’ve covered Twitter clients for Mac in the past and what they all do is let you read your Tweets, Tweet to your followers, retweet people you follow, send messages and reply to tweets. There are, however, other things that one might be interested in when it comes to a Twitter client. While many people need these clients to monitor their feeds, there are people who need a client that will tell them when they have been followed or unfollowed. Bird Bell is a free Mac app that, in addition to notifying you when one of your tweets has been favorited, retweeted or you’ve been added to a list, also tells you if you’ve gained or lost a follower. The app supports Growl notifications, and lets you manage more than one account.

When you first launch the app, you will need to sign in to your account. The app does not appear to ask for any authorization and it might be because it isn’t going to read your entire feed.


Once signed in, go to the Accounts tab in the app’s preferences and select what kind of notifications you want to receive and for which events. From the General tab, you can set the app to start at login, chose how the app will behave when you click a notification, select whether you will view user names or Twitter handles in your notifications, filter out users that appear to be spam and select how long an event will be displayed in the menu bar. To add an additional Twitter account, visit the Accounts tab.

Bird Bell accounts

The app gives alerts as they happen and is fairly fast. Remember that you can’t use this app to Tweet with. It is a simple tool to deviously stalk which one of your high school friends dared unfollow you on Twitter.

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