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Boxerapp Lets You Import And Play Any DOS Game On Your Mac

If you’ve ever used a PC back in its old days, then you might have enjoyed DOS games. PC games have come a long way since then, but DOS games are something that people play when they want to reminisce on their earlier gaming days. While that is no big deal for anyone using a Windows PC, those who use a Mac can’t just download a DOS game and start playing it. Boxerapp is a free Mac app that lets you play DOS games on your Mac. You can download any DOS game, import it via the app, and you’re all set to play.

The app comes with four preinstalled games, two of which are demo versions that you can test out. To import a DOS game, click Import a new game, and to play one of your installed games, click Browser your games to see all imported games.

Boxerapp library

To import a game, download it and drag & drop the folder onto the import window. The app will process the game, and you will see a confirmation screen when it has successfully been imported. You can launch the game immediately by clicking on Launch game.

Boxerapp drag & dropBoxerapp import

Once the game is launched, you can control it as you would any DOS game. Set game preferences by clicking the magnifying glass button at the bottom left of the window, and set up a joystick from the Joystick tab.

Boxerapp  game settings

The small lock button at the bottom locks your mouse pointer, so that it does not interfere with your game. You can use this same button or the Command + Click combination to release the mouse. By default, the Mac keyboard functions will be overridden by those of the game.

Boxerapp play game

Preferences for sound, display and keyboard functions can be set from app’s preferences. You can select the default location for where games are saved, select how games will be rendered and set the app to ignore Mac keyboard functions.

Boxerapp preferences

The app is extremely easy to use, and playing a DOS game couldn’t get any simpler on a Mac.

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