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Breakaway Plays/Pauses iTunes When You Plug-In/Out Headphones [Mac]

Do you find it tiresome to open iTunes and navigate to required playlist each time just to play your favorite track? Breakaway is an open source app for Mac which saves you from enduring a few clicks to play an item from iTunes library. It will start playing your favorite track when headphones jack is plugged-in and similarly will pause playback when you pull it out. Additionally, it comes with a mute and unmute functionality to pause and resume playback. It makes mute button to act as a pause button, enabling you to play/pause iTunes track with a single keystroke.

The app comes with two modes – headphones and mute. If you want to make mute mode work, you have to disable the default headphones mode to play/pause track with mute button. The headphones jack observance can be disabled anytime or you can simply take the app off the menu bar to disable auto-play feature. Since it supports real-time Growl notification system, you will get to see notifications for track which is being played. Moreover, being an extensible app, you can add customized scripts to further enhance the functionality.

After the application is mounted, you can access it from system menu bar. To configure scripts and other general options, click Preferences. From General window, you can Show in Dock to access it from dock bar.


The Plugins window lets you configure pre-installed scripts and allows adding customized ones as well. Once added, you can associate script trigger with either jack or mute mode.

plugins 1

If it fails to launch iTunes according to specified mode script, head over to Diagnostics window to conduct headphones jack plug-in and plug-out tests. Breakaway works on Mac 10.5.x – 10.6.6

Download Breakaway


  1. is there any way that i can add another script for different app..like i use ‘vox’ music player for mac..How can i view the script for itunes? I want to make a script for vox app! Help!

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