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Bring Back Display Resolution Menu Bar Item In Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion’s new features are great – so great, that they tend to let you ignore the little things that Apple took away from the OS. Among the casualties of the upgrade, was the battery notification in the Menu Bar that told you how much charge time you had left, the RSS in Safari, adding an external display to your MacBook and using it even when the lid is not closed, and the ability to adjust the display resolution from the Menu Bar. Mountain Lion doesn’t really tease you when it comes to working with multiple displays, but taking away this little functionality was a step backward. Like with the battery time issue that eventually found a solution in the form of third-party apps, you can bring back display resolution management to the menu bar with Display Menu.

Display Menu isn’t just a replica of the old Displays menu; it adds a couple of pretty handy options of its own. In addition to providing a quick way to change the resolution of each display connected to your Mac, its menu bar drop-down menu allows you to quickly toggle display mirroring, mirror displays and displays the aspect ratio of each available resolution.

Display Menu

Is the app a good enough solution to Apple pulling the default option in Mountain Lion? It’s only fair to say that the app will suffice for most cases, but it does fall short when it comes to Retina displays. As stated in the its App Store description, Display Menu does not support two HiDPI resolutions of the the new MacBook Pro’s Retina display (one of which, according to a couple of App Store reviews, is 1440×990).

Oddly enough, Apple has retained the ability to view mirroring options in the menu bar when multiple display monitors are connected to the system, but they didn’t appear in our Mac Mini (Early 2009 version) running Mountain Lion. Display Menu however, brings the much-needed menu bar options back without requiring you to enable the mirroring options from System Preferences or connect multi-monitor setup to your Mac. The author doesn’t specifically mention how many displays it will support, but it would be safe to assume that it can support as many as you can hook up to your Mac. The apps works on Mac 10.8 and later. Testing was carried out on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Get Display Menu From Mac App Store

[via OS X Daily]

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