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CalcMadeEasy Free: Auto Record Calculations To Editable Notes [Mac]

We previously reviewed a Mac app called Numi, a very basic editor that allows you to add text within your calculations. The app is ideal if you do multiple interrelated arithmetic calculations and forgot why or how you arrived at a particular amount. CalcMadeEasy Free is a Mac app that automatically records the calculations you perform using the app’s built in calculator. You can add notes, and have the app record all calculations to it. The notes are simple text that can copy and paste anywhere. The app is ideal if you don’t want to be bothered with writing down your calculations, but would like a record of them nevertheless.

The main interface is the calculator with two buttons at the bottom, that will let you switch between notes and the calculator. The calculator supports complex scientific and mathematical functions. You can start making calculations right away, and the calculations will be saved to a note. The slight problem is, once created, a note cannot be renamed.

CalcMadeEasy Free

Click the Notepad button to switch to the notepad view. You can type in both text and numbers. Calculations appear as you do them. If you’ve created several notes and would like any new calculations to be added to one of your existing ones, make sure you select that note first. To create a new note, click the New button and enter a name. Remember that the note cannot be renamed later on. Click the Delete button to delete a note, while you can change font and themes for the notes by clicking the cog wheel in the upper right corner. To revert back to the calculator view, click the Calculator button at the bottom.

CalcMadeEasy Free note

The app also lets you view universal constants like the value of Pi, Avogadro’s number, the equatorial radius of Saturn etc, for those rare cases when these crazy figures save your life and you just happen to have your Mac with you. To access the constants, click the star button in the upper left corner, and scroll through the cited constants. Double clicking a  constant enters its value in the calculator, and you can apply any function to it.

CalcMadeEasy Free constants

To stop the calculator from recording all calculations automatically, go to the app’s preferences and uncheck Calculator under Auto-Note Calculations. You can turn on sound effects for the buttons, and specify the default number of places that a figure is rounded off to.

CalcMadeEasy Free preferences

The app also has a pro version which supports financial calculations like ROI, loan, interest and lease value calculations, as well as a unit converter. The pro version of CalcMadeEasy is worth $2.99 in the Mac app store.

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