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CamTethering: Take Pictures & Schedule Time Lapse Photos On Mac

You may have connected a lot of devices to your Mac; phones, tablets, cameras and what not. For the most part, you do it only to access files on the device, and very seldom is it seen that you can actually use the device. This means not connecting you device for just accessing the storage, but actually using the device for its intending functionality. CamTethering is a free Mac App that allows you to connect your capable DSLR camera via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth, and take pictures from it. You can specify the shutter speed, the F Number, shutter speed and crop factor.

Once the app is installed, connect your camera to your Mac either by USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and launch the app. The app will detect all cameras connected to the system and list them. Select the camera and click Open Camera.

CamTethering  open camera

Once the camera opens, all photos on the camera will be loaded and displayed in a window to the right. The current camera settings and battery level will be displayed to the left, just above five buttons. To send a take photo command to the camera, click the Open PTP Control button.

CamTethering  camera

This control window lets you take single pictures, batch shots or set up time lapse photography. To take a simple shot, go to the Simple Capture tab, enter a value for the distance, select ISO, F Number and Crop Factor, and click Capture Image.

CamTethering simple capture

To set up a series of pictures (up to 9), go to the Bracketing tab and select any number of pictures, enter an ISO and F Number and click Start. To take time lapse photographs, go to the Time Lapse tab, enter a start and end date and the number of shot that should be taken per second and minute, and click Start.

CamTethering  bracketing

To view images hat you’ve taken, return to the app’s main window, select an image and click View Selected Files. Use the Save selected Files and Delete Selected Files buttons to save files o your system or remove them from the camera’s memory.

CamTethering  view image

This app functions extremely well, and is great for snapping up pictures remotely. Imagine having a party, and instead of a designated photographer, you can set your camera at any good location and schedule periodic pictures to be taken. If you’re up for a little backyard wildlife photography, but make too much noise for the birds or bees to stick around, leave your camera and send picture commands via your Mac.

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