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Candles: Import Birthdays From Address Book As iCal Reminders [Mac]

Facebook isn’t just for sharing pictures and playing meaningless virtual games; it serves another great purpose – remembering birthdays! Facebook handles this fairly well and might even be credited with keeping our social lives on track with its little birthday reminders, but the fact is, not everyone uses Facebook to keep track of birthdays. Shocking as it may seem, a lot of people have a favorite app for reminding them about important events. For Mac users, that app might just be iCal, and if that’s the case, Candles is another Mac app that you might want to download. This simple Mac app extracts birthdays from the Address Book and adds them as reminders to iCal. It lets you customize how soon you want to be reminded of an upcoming birthday, and lets you set sound alerts accordingly.

Remember that the app will import birthdays from Address Book only. If you haven’t added birthdays to a contact card, you’ve pretty much lucked out (to add a birthday, select a contact and select Birthday from Card > Add Field). Launch the app and it will automatically import birthdays.


Select a contact from the top pane and edit the alarm from the options on the right, and you may add two alarms for each birthday. Select a contact and set the alarms as per your preferences and click Update From Default. The alarms details will appear in the pane below. Click Update Calendar and the birthday will be added to iCal.

From the app’s preferences, you can select how long the app should create a birthday reminder for, i.e., for two years running or three.

Candles preferences

The app is a simple tool for quickly creating birthday events from your Address Book. If you’re the kind of person who only reads Facebook feeds in the morning and socialize at night, then it s likely you only see birthdays at the end of the day (when it is too late). If you like iCal, then this app might just help you remember birthdays earlier in the day, or even before the actual date.

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