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Cappuccino: Read, Manage & Share Google Readers Feeds [Mac]

Google Reader, as a service, is widely used to manage feeds, but not everyone is a fan of the web interface. After the recent redesign of most Google services, there may even be fewer users of the design. It is for this and other reasons that people turn to apps for RSS feed management. Cappuccino is a Mac app that lets you mange all your Google Reader feeds, syncing with your Google account and pulling all your feeds. You can view each item as as feed or as it would appear on the webpage. Any item can be opened in Safari and shared via email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The app presents a clean reading interface in the Feeds view, is ad free, and has an excellent search feature.

When you launch the app, you will be asked to sign in with your Google Reader account. Cappuccino supports both Gmail and  Google Apps accounts.

Cappuccino Login

The app will take some time to sync and load your feeds (depending on how many you’ve added). The Dock icon will then show the number of unread items. All feeds appear to the left, and clicking a feed will load all its contents in a panel to the right. Selecting any item will open it in another panel to the right of the contents list. You can search a particular feed from the search bar in the middle panel (the one listing all items in a particular feed).


The search feature lets you filter your feeds by Today, Last 7 Days and Last 30 Days. To switch between the Feed and the Browser view use the buttons at the top of item view. Items can be opened in Safari using the Open in Safari button. To add or remove a feed, click the plus or minus button at the bottom of the feeds list panel.

Cappuccino add feed

You can share an item via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google plus by clicking the Share button in the top right corner. You can also mark an item as unread or as a favorite from this menu.

Cappuccino share

If you like a clean interface for reading feeds without irrelevant share links or annoying ads telling you where you can meet local singles in your area, this app is one easy way to do that. The app gives a Growl notification each time a new item appears in your feeds, and automatically checks and syncs updates.

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  1. Have been looking for an RSS reader that can share with Google+ and finally I found one. 
    Thanks for the post 🙂

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