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Cashculator: Income/Expense Manager For Planning Monthly Finances [Mac]

Money management is one of those things that everyone should do, but it’s also what makes a person bury their head in the ground in hopes that things will just work themselves out and nothing bad will happen. While optimism will probably help you lead a healthier and longer life, when it comes to money, you should put your ‘realist’ hat on and start crunching a few numbers. Cashculator Free, as the name signifies is a free Mac app that helps you record your source of income and your expenses on a monthly basis. It isn’t exactly what you’d use to map out your life’s financial path, but if you you have no idea where your expenses are going, and not sure just  how much money you are making, this is a great way to reconcile your finances.

The app is pretty straight forward; you have income and you have expenses. Since this is the free version of the app, you can only create two plans (the upgrade is worth $29.99). The income tab has different heads of income already listed. You can add more if you like, depending on your needs, or remove an existing income head. To add an income head, click the plus sign at the bottom left and an untitled category will be created. Type in a name and double click a cell to enter an amount. You can use the right panel as well to add new heads. Income is divided in to two broad heads, recurring and non-recurring.

Cashculator income

The expenses tab is pretty much the same, you have expenses listed under various heads, you can add new heads if you like and double click a cell to add an amount. You will find you can do all this from the right panel as well but if you’re only adding amounts and heads use the easier method and leave the panel for when you want to add periodic payments.

Cashculator expenses

The app lets you protect your plans by locking them with a password. To enable password protection, visit the app’s preferences, check the Password Protection option, and enter a password in the dialog box that pops up.


While the app gives you a fairly good overview of how much your expenses are and what you are earning, it does have the slight flaw that it does not show savings separately. Even when they are entered (in the Expense tab) the app combines them with expenses and has no separate graph for savings. Additionally, if savings are not mentioned, the outstanding amount is deemed unaccounted for. Perhaps the developer might want to look into it.

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