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How To Automatically Change The System Volume On Wake On macOS

When a system goes to sleep, it preserves the state it was in. If you had apps and files open on your desktop, they will still be there when you get back. Everything from your work setup to your system configurations is stored. When you wake your system, you can pick up work where you left it off. macOS is no different. When it wakes from sleep, everything is exactly where you left it which is a good thing except in the case of your system’s volume. The volume is one thing that you might want to reset when you wake your system. If you left the volume high¬†because you were playing music, it might startle you when you wake your system from sleep. Here’s how you can change the system volume on wake on macOS.

To change the system volume on wake, you need an app called AutoVolume. It’s a free open source macOS app that well reset the system volume when you wake your Mac from sleep.

Download and run AutoVolume. The app has a very basic interface. You set the volume you want your Mac to reset to when it wakes from sleep and enable it. Once you’ve set the volume, enable the app and close it. Be¬†careful you don’t click the ‘Quit’ button. Quitting the app is different from closing it. If you quit the app, it will not change the system volume on Wake.

After you set the volume level, you can forget about the app. You won’t see any indication of the app running. It doesn’t so much as have a Menu bar icon. When you’re done, either put your Mac to sleep or let it enter sleep automatically.

When you wake your Mac to use it the next time around, the volume will have changed to the one you set in AutoVolume.

Although you can set AutoVolume to run at start up, it doesn’t change the system volume when you boot your Mac. This app in its current state is meant to work only when you wake your Mac. If you normally let your Mac go to sleep instead of shutting it down at the end of each day, AutoVolume will ensure you or your co-workers aren’t blasted with loud audio notifications or music.

The app is still under development and it has an interesting list of requested features so, even if it isn’t feature rich at the moment, it’s an app you want to keep your eye on.

Download AutoVolume

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