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CheatSheet: View A Complete List Of Keyboard Shortcuts For Any App In Mac

Shortcuts are remarkably convenient, and discovering a shortcut is possibly the equivalent of panning for gold and finding a large nugget. New and neat tricks in Mac are discovered all the time, since there isn’t a very detailed official manual of all the cool things you can do on your Mac using just the keyboard. The same goes for apps; normally, shortcuts for apps that work in the Menu Bar can be found in their preferences, but that is true only for the select few that are well developed. For apps that work from the Dock, there’s no simple way of finding all shortcuts. CheatSheet is a free Mac app that makes it easy to view keyboard shortcuts for any app. It is particularly useful when you install a new and complex app that will likely take time to learn.

The app runs in the background, and you won’t see as much as even a shadow of it unless you activate it. To view shortcuts for an app, make sure it is active. Hold down the Command key, and after a five second delay a panel will open up with all keyboard shortcuts listed for that particular app. Clicking one of the shortcuts (while still holding the Command button) will execute it. The image below shows what the panel will look like (click to see a larger version).


To quit the app, look at the bottom right of this panel, and you will see a cogwheel icon. Click it, and you will see the quit option. CheatSheet also lets you print shortcuts out from this same menu.

CheatSheet quit

The app has true potential, and can actually help learn and master an app’s usage faster, since nothing increases efficiency more than some quick keyboard shortcuts.

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