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Classic Trash X Is A Smart Way To Empty Trash In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Originally written for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and former versions, Trash X has recently been updated with support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Trash X is an extension of Mac native Trash utility. For those who have never tried Trash X before, it offers a number of options to easily send files and folders to Trash, shred files/apps and folders, eject mounted disk images, clean volume data for selected applications, all via a simple drag & drop. For instance, you drag a mounted application or external hard disk over its icon to quickly eject it. Similarly, when you drag the disks over Trash X icon while holding the command key, it will empty the Trash only on those volumes. File shredding functionality has also been integrated into Trash X. You can forcibly delete the file/folder or choose to shred the items in question.

The Trash X usage revolves around its icon in system dock. Apparently there isn’t any option available to remove files and folders through Trash X from menu bar or desktop. After launching the application, just move the disks you want to eject. It supports ejecting multiple disks in one go; select the disks and drag them over to its icon to eject them.

eject disks

When you drag the files and folders over Trash X icon, it will immediately send them to Trash. When you drag the files and folders over its icon while holding command key, it will immediately delete them without confirming the action, whereas, when you drag files and folders over Trash X icon with command+ shift hotkey combination, it will ask you to delete the item, forcibly remove it, or shred it right away.

shred files

The selective deletion of data for multiple volumes is perhaps the most useful feature. The process is same. You need to hold down command key and then drag the disks over Trash X icon to empty their Trash.

remove volumes data

To quickly empty Mac OS X Trash, just hold command key and double-click the Trash X icon. It will ask you to either delete or shred the trash. Trash X is a great addition to the default Trash, as it can work in conjunction with native Trash utility without any issues. It supports Mac OS X Lion and previous versions.

Download Trash X

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