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CLCL Lite: App Launcher, Switcher & URL Opener Using Hot Keys [Mac]

We’ve reviewed app launchers before; Chuck and Dammit are two that are worth mentioning. Chuck is a free download while Dammit will cost you $2.99. CLCL Lite is yet another app launcher for Mac, which is free and not like your usual app launchers. The app works using only two keys, and you can assign any function that will be triggered by those keys. You can chose to either open an app, bring the last app you were working in to the front, or create a successive list of apps that will open as you hit the the hotkey. It runs unobtrusively in the background, and can be toggled on/off from the menu bar.

The two keys used are the Command and Option key. Since there are many system hotkeys associated with Command, this app is triggered either by double or triple pressing the Command or Option key. Go to the app’s preferences to chose what action each of these triggers will perform.

From the Hotkey dropdown, select Command and go to the Action dropdown. You will see two options, Switch to Last Active Application and Cycle Activate, and a list of all apps installed on your system. If you chose the Switch to Last Active Application option, hitting the Command key twice will bring the last app that you were working in to front. If you were working in Chrome but switched to iTunes, you can quickly switch back to Chrome by tapping the Command key twice.


If you select Cycle Activate, you will have to add multiple apps to this option. If you add Chrome, App Store and iTunes to it and associate it with the Option key, hitting the key twice will open the first app in your list, hitting it twice again will open the second app and will follow suit for the rest of the list. If you aren’t interested in launching apps, you can also set the keys to open a particular URL.

Alternatively, you can set the trigger keys to launch an application as well. You can set the triggers to either double or triple tap the Command and Option keys from the Press Count dropdown. Remember that you can set commands for both the Command and Option keys, and not for either one of them. The app is useful and if the two triggers are enough for you, it might be just the thing you’re looking for. Using the app doesn’t necessarily mean you stop using other launchers altogether. You can reserve it for special apps and functions you have to perform for a particular task and continue using other launchers.

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