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CleanMyDrive: Remove DS_Store & Thumbs.db From Mounted Drives [Mac]

CleanMyMac is a famous Mac maintenance software from the same people who later developed Gemini (read full review here). Their disk cleaning app, CleanMyDrive, has just gone free, has an amazing interface and is available for download in the Mac App Store. The app runs in the Menu Bar, automatically detects when a new drive is mounted, and gives you the option to rid it of junk each time it is mounted. If you’re wondering just what this ‘junk’ is, it’s all the useless DS_Store, Thumbs.db etc files and your soft copy of Twilight (not really, you’ll have to delete that manually). It also lets you quickly unmount and or all drives from the Menu Bar. It’s a fairly small utility, but nevertheless useful for freeing up space that you should never have to lose in the first place.

CleanMyDrive shouldn’t be mistaken for an antivirus. The app performs a very basic function, and that is removing useless cache files created by Spotlight and other backend processes that are necessary but leave plenty of residue. When launched, the app takes you through a brief walkthrough and then adds a drive icon to the Menu Bar. Each time a new drive is mounted, the app asks if you want to clean it of all junk. If you choose Yes, the app will automatically delete the junk files. If you choose No, you will have to manually clean the junk files. The app lets you see how much space is being consumed by actual data, how much is consumed by junk and how much is free.


For removable drives, an eject button next to them allows you to unmount that particular drive, and the Eject All button at the very bottom of the app lets you unmount all removable storage devices. A cogwheel at the bottom left lets you access CleanMyDrive’s preferences. The General tab has the option to enable the app on start up, and, if you want, send usage stats to the developers of the app. The Cleaning tab lets you set a limit to the size of drives the app detects. The feature is useful if you want to prevent the app from detecting your hard drive and restrict it to removable storage with considerably less space. If you attach an external drive, the option might have to be modified (it really depends on the size of the drive) to detect it.

CleanMyDrive general   CleanMyDrive preferences

Worth mentioning here is the excellent interface of the app. Although confined to the Menu Bar, it is smooth and appealing.

Get CleanMyDrive From Mac App Store

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