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Clear Sensitive Information From Your Mac With Black Hole

Do you always remain concerned about your secret and sensitive browsing history or current usage items on your Mac? Even more does your clipboard always contain a lot of data because of your enormous copy/paste usage? Unmounting different volumes and emptying Trash also requires a lot of clicks at the end of the day. Black Hole is an application that helps clean up the browsing history and perform activities, such as, closing applications and unmounting the volumes.It is a robust application which can, quit different applications, clear recent items, empty the trash, unmount volumes, clear clipboard, delete files and folders, close Safari windows and tabs, and a lot more, in just one click.

All options are laid down on the main interface from where you can select the desired ones.

As an example, to quit an application, hit Browse to navigate and add the application to the list. Once added, hit OK and you are done.

Like other options, if you want the clipboard to be cleared by your custom defined rules, you can select appropriate option to do so.

After selecting the required options, click Clean to performs your said tasks. The green indicator indicates that the selected actions have been performed.

Quitting application, clearing recent items, emptying the trash, unmounting volumes, clearing clipboard, deleting specific files and folders, and closing Safari windows and tabs, all together just by one click was never possible before. Thanks to Black Hole which can now save you the time by automating multiple actions at the end of the day.

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