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ClipAssist: Manage Frequently Used Text & Avoid Retyping It [Mac]

We’ve covered several clipboard managers, like TextBom, Clipboard History and rePasta, all of which let you save multiple text snippets to a central clipboard. They aim to make it easier to copy text for later use, but what they do not focus on is reusing it. Often enough, there is always some sort of redundant text that we have to type repeatedly over the course of a single day, like a postal address or an email ID. ClipAssist is a Mac app that lets you type in text and save it by title. The text can then be selected by clicking its title and pasted anywhere. While the previously covered apps aimed to make copying and recording text easy, this app focuses on making their usage more convenient.

Launch the app and start adding frequently used text. Click the plus sign, and an untitled snippet will be added. Click the default name of the snippet in the left panel, and give it a subject – anything that will make it easy to remember what text you’ve saved to it. Once you’ve added a title, type in the text in the right panel, and hit Command + S to save it. Add as many snippets as you like, but remember to save each one individually.


To copy the text in a snippet, simply select the title and click the To Clipboard button at the top. The contents of the snippet will be copied to your clipboard, and you can paste them anywhere. This app forgoes the need to manually select text line by line, copy and paste it.

You can change the font and color of the text; however, when it is copied, it is copied free of all formatting attributes. To change font and text color, select Show Fonts from the Format menu, and select a color, style and font type.

ClipAssist Font

What would have made this app much more useful, is an icon in the menu bar. The app’s concept isn’t bad, but selecting and pasting the text can still be made more convenient with a quick access icon in the menu bar, and perhaps some keyboard shortcuts.

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