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ClipX: Clipboard Manager That Saves Up T0 500 Clips In A Session [Mac]

We’ve covered many clipboard managers recently, and they all have a single purpose; to extend the functionality of the default clipboard. ClipX is a Mac app that is somewhat similar, in that it is like a safety net for anything you copy to your clipboard. The app sits unobtrusively in the System Menu Bar and records any and all text that you copy to your Mac’s clipboard. You can copy and paste the text normally, and in the event you need to reuse a previously copied snippet, you can visit the app and browse for it. The app saves up to 500 clips in the order they were copied in.

The app doesn’t have any special functionality that you need to be aware of; you can continue to use the clipboard with the Command + V and Command + C functions or from the right-click context menu, as you normally would. As mentioned, this app is a safety net for anything you copy to the clipboard. As you copy text snippets, they are all saved to this app. So long as the app is running, it will continue to save your clipboard history. You can recall the history by clicking the app icon in the System Menu Bar and select View Clips.


To select how many text clips the app saves, go to the preferences, move the slider until it reflects the desired number of clips that you want to save, and click Save Preferences.

ClipX preferences

To clear all text saved to the app, click Clear Clip Board on the app’s preferences or from the System Menu Bar. What you might be wondering is, if the app only saves clipboard text for a given session, what’s the point of using it instead of other clipboard managers? Since this app does not save text for more than the current session, it means you will not have to go back and clean it up. Additionally, it truly reflects how a clipboard actually works, as even the native clipboard on Mac does not save text beyond a single session. To copy a clip, simply select it from the clip list (select View Clips when you click on the app icon in the menu bar), and it is ready to paste.

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  • Visweshwar

    Use shift+cmd+V to bring up the clipboard as a shortcut.