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Cloud Printer: Send Files To Google Cloud Print From Desktop [Mac]

We’ve reviewed a Chrome extension in the past that allowed you to print webpages via a cloud printer associated with your Google account, but to print documents, you would have to access them through Chrome. Cloud Printer is a Mac app that lets you send print jobs to Google Cloud printers from your desktop. You do not need to access Chrome (although you must have it installed on your system), as the app lets you browse for the file and send it to a configured printer. The slight downside of the app, is that it does not let you choose printer preferences for a particular job, and if you want to restrict printing to simple black & white, you will have to set it from Chrome’s print page.

Since the app sends print commands to printers that you’ve associated with your Google account, you will be required to sign in to your account first. The app will not assist you in adding printers; hence, the Manage your Printers button will simply open the printer setup page in Chrome.

Cloud Printer

Once you’ve signed in, click the Choose File button and browse for the file you want to print. Click Submit Job to Printer, and the app will process the document. When a job has been sent to the printer, a notification will pop up to confirm it.

Cloud printer print

The app is pretty useful if you prefer to stick to Safari, and don’t want to have to use Chrome just to print something, It is also equally useful for printing files that aren’t saved in Google Docs, but rather on your desktop.

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