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cmdQuit Disables Mac Lion Resume Feature, Quits All Apps With A Click

Earlier this year, we discussed how red close button of Mac OS X app window behaves and recommended RedQuits to run command-Q command every time you click the red close button in order to completely quit the application in question. Since it becomes quite tedious to manually close applications using RedQuits or command-Q hotkey combination before shutting down the system, you may need an application like cmdQuit to automate the process. It has the ability to show/hide running apps, list all currently active processes and quit all running applications in one go.

Furthermore, if you’re not fond of Mac OS X Lion’s Resume feature (which reopens all applications that were running in previous session at system startup), you no longer have to disable Resume feature from System Preferences prior to system shutdown or restart; just launch cmdQuit to close all running apps (including Finder) in order to prevent them from launching at system startup.

On the main interface, you will find all aforementioned options including See all process running, Close all apps, Hide all apps and Show all apps. When you select Click to see all processing running option, it will show the currently running applications and processes. In order to hide all the running applications, simply click Hide all apps. The Show all apps option will make them visible again.


Clicking Close all apps will forcibly quit all the running applications including Finder windows. Once all apps are closed, you will see Shutdown dialog to immediately shutdown the computer.

cmdquit 1

cmdQuit works on Mac 10.6.6 and higher. Testing was done on Mac OS X Lion.

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