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Collaborative Drawing Tool Lets You Connect And Draw From Mac & iPhone

Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing for Mac is a collaboration tool for Mac that lets you connect your iPhone over Wi-Fi. The app is fairly basic, and lets you draw in a wide spectrum of colors. From your iPhone, you can snap photos, share them to your Mac, and begin drawing. The app allows you to draw from your Mac and iPhone at the same time, and changes are reflected quickly on both ends. It comes with a drawing and an erase tool. You can save images to your phone or desktop, and and similarly import them from your phone or hard disk for collaboration.

Install the Mac and iPhone apps on respective devices. A connection needs to be initiated from any one of the devices. To connect to the iPhone from your Mac, click the Networking button on the top bar. The app will scan your Wi-Fi network for iPhones with the installed app, and send a request to connect. Regardless of which device a connection is initiated from, the receiving device will have to allow it for the connection to establish. Once the app finds your phone, it will send a connect request, and notify you when the requested connection is established.

Whiteboard for Mac connect phone

One slight drawback that you might face is figuring out and syncing the left, right, top and bottom of the iPhone’s screen in relation to the Mac screen. Different colors for drawing are listed on the right, and to select a color other than the ones shown, double click any one of them, and choose a color from the palette that opens.

Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing for Mac colors

The iPhone app’s interface is fairly simple; you can click Connect to establish a connection with a Mac. Tap one of the colors at the very bottom to open the color palettle, and change or select colors. Use the erase tool to erase anything and everything on your whiteboard.

Whiteboard Collaborative Drawing for iPhone connectWhiteboard Collaborative Drawing for iPhone

Whenever you clear the whiteboard from either one of the devices, an alert and approval request is sent to the other device, and the board is not wiped until the request is accepted. Both apps are free, and a paid version for iPhone is available for $0.99, which has additional undo and redo functions (available on the Mac app). The app can be useful, or at least fun, if you have a house full of Apple gadget lovers.

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