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Commenteer: Add Batch Comments To All Files In A Folder [Mac]

Adding a file comment helps you find it more easily using the Spotlight search in Mac, but imagine having to add the same comment to a whole batch of files. Not only is it a tedious process, but it also involves accessing the right-click context menu for each file. A shortcut can be to add all these files to a single folder and add the comment to the folder only, but if files get moved around, your comment will not help you find it. Commenteer is a free Mac app that lets you manage file and folder comments in batches. It allows you to perform the same comment action (add, remove, print a comment) on all files within a folder.

The app’s interface itself is meant to process files only, and to change which action will be performed on the files in the folder, you will repeatedly have to visit the app’s preferences. There is a Preferences button on the interface, which will serve you better to visit before you drop a folder onto it. Pull down the Operations droplist and select which action you want it to perform. If you want to add a comment to all files in a folder, select Set Comments and then type the comment in the space provided below. You must have checked Process Folder Commands for the app to execute the operation on a folder.

Commenteer preferences

Once you’ve selected the operation from the preferences, return to the app’s interface and drag & drop the folder/file onto it. You will be able to view progress on the app.


When used on a folder, the folder and all files in it are appended with the same comment. You can add comments to any type of file, since the comments are file information and have nothing to do with the format. The app does not lock down comments, and they can be edited later for individual files and folders.

Commenteer not only saves you from visiting the right-click context menu for multiple files, but also makes it easier to keep files organized when you are working on a large project and might just think ‘why do I have this?’ when looking at a group of files.

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