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Conductor Server: Control Your Mac From An iPhone/iPad [Paid]

A while back, we covered a Mac App, Mobile Mouse Server, which was a feature rich app that allowed you to use your iPhone as a mouse/trackpad replacement with your Mac. The Mac app was free while its iOS client cost $1.99, but the features are definitely worth it. Conductor Server is yet another Mac app that does the same, and likewise the Mac app is free while the iOS client is worth $1.99. Compares to Mobile Mouse Server, this app knocks it out of the park. The app has dedicated media controls, but additionally lets you switch between open windows of any app. You can preview thumbnails of the open windows and bring them to front on your Mac by simply selecting them on your iOS device. The app allows you to add a large variety of gestures and swipes.

As with all apps that allow you to control your Mac from another device, the apps for each device must be running and the devices must be on the same network. Connect your Mac and iOS device. The app should automatically look for active servers on the network, and in the event that it doesn’t, click the Wi-Fi tower on the top left of the iPhone app. You can manually enter your Mac’s IP address to establish a connection faster. Once connected, you can move your fingers across the iPhone screen and your gestures will control the mouse cursor. To edit the gestures you can use, click the cog wheel at the bottom right of the app and go through all options for gestures. Modify them as per your own preference.

C Trackpad connectRC Trackpad Gestures

You will notice three buttons at the top right; the mouse arrow allows you to use your device as a simple mouse, the rocket lets you view the Launchpad and Dock on your Mac, as it is, on your iOS device. Similarly, the switch lets you view thumbnails of all open windows. The windows are grouped by app type and you can scroll up/down to view all open windows.

RC Trackpad dock   RC Trackpad windows

When you connect an iOS device, the Mac app remembers it. It will ask you to enter a password when you connect a new device (password will be displayed on the iOS device’s screen in the app). To enter your Mac’s address manually in the app, go to its preferences and visit the Network tab. To view the devices that are allowed to connect via this app, visit the Security tab. You can remove devices here as well. Go to the General tab to allow the app to launch at login. To chose where the iOS app will search for app, go to the Applications tab, add directory paths or change the current ones as per your own choice.

Conductor Server applications

The app is extremely responsive; there is no glitch whatsoever, nor is there any delay in command and execution. Compared to Mobile Mouse Server, this app comes out on top and more, for the same price. iPad and iPhone apps are available separately, the iPad app is worth $4.99. There is also a Windows version of the app.

Download Conductor Server For Windows

Get Conductor Server From Mac App Store

Get RC Trackpad For iPhone

Get RC Trackpad HD For iPad

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