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Convert Your iPhone Into Wireless Laptop Numpad

The most selling laptops in the market have 15 inch screen, they all lack the numpad because there is no space to fit in. The netbooks are selling like hotcakes and same is the case with them. I didn’t find the need for numpad until I started working with Office Excel 2010.

A good wireless numberpad from Logitech cost around $40, but if you have an iPhone you can spend only $2 and convert your iPhone into a wireless numpad. NumberKey is a small app that can convert your iPhone into a wireless touch number keypad.

It can connect via both WiFi and direct wireless connection(ad-hoc) with Windows and Mac. You will need to install the NumberKey Connect app on the system. Once installed, it will automatically detect your iPhone and show the status. Hit Connect to establish a connection, make sure the app is running on iPhone at the same time.

NumberKey Connect

Have a look at my iPhone running the NumberKey app. For those who are curious to know, I am using HP Dv5t notebook(Windows 7 OS).


You will find the detailed guide on connecting the iPhone with both Windows and Mac on the ‘How To Connect’ page, make sure Bonjour is running since it is required to establish the connection with the iPhone.


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