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Create Hyperlinks To Any Part Of An iTunes Song, Video Or Podcast [Mac]

iTunes is more than just a media player; it’s a media manager, lets you listen to and download podcasts, keeps your movies and music collection organized and backs up & transfers files to and from your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. TunesLinker is a Mac app worth $1.99 that will help you get more out of iTunes than you would have thought possible. The app lets you create hyperlinks to any part within a song, a movie or podcast. While it doesn’t sound terribly useful if you only have music in your iTunes library, it provides a way for you to ‘bookmark’ portions in a podcast or a movie. These bookmarks, or hyperlinks, can be saved to any text editor and played from any app that supports the link format.

Download, install and launch TunesLinker. The app’s interface is simple, with the location at which the link is to be created, and iTunes controls given on the left. The song/video currently playing in iTunes is shown just below that, and the right panel is wholly dedicated to the links that you create. TunesLinker lets you create links to the original files, regardless of whether they are saved into or just linked to iTunes. You can link to one or several selected items in your iTunes library. Open iTunes and select a file (it can be a podcast, a song, or a movie), and on the left panel, select what time in the music file you want to create a hyperlink for.

Next, choose a link type from the pull down menu. TunesLinker supports RTF, HTML and MediaWiki links. Click the Link to Current Track button, and your hyperlink will appear in the panel on the right.


The app’s preferences allow you to change the format of the link, which you probably won’t ever need to, but it’s there just in case you do. It’s relevant only if you’re creating an RTF link, since you can’t really change the format of an HTML one.

TunesLinker preferences

TunesLinker is excellent for helping you keep track of important parts in a podcast, and will find use particularly with researchers or educators. The links can be pasted in other apps that support text. It’s a super easy way of adding media to your presentations (will only work if the presentation is viewed on your Mac, or any with TunesLinker installed). It definitely isn’t for everyone to use, and has little utility if you only have music in your iTunes library. For those who do know what it’s like to have to listen to long podcasts, or that it’s difficult to remember a particular part within them, TunesLinker might just be a lifesaver.

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