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Create Online Backup Of Sound Editing Workstation Projects With Gobler

The professional sound editing workstation project folder normally takes around 500 MB of disk space and in some cases, project files can take up disk space in gigabytes. Therefore, it’s a not a good idea of using cloud service which doesn’t allow uploading more than 2GB or 5GB of data and compels you to go for paid plans to get more storage space. If you don’t want to fork out on creating music production project backups, we have the best alternative of paid data sync services for you. Gobler is a cloud based data storage service which gives 25 GB of free space to music producers, publishers, composer, professional sound engineers, etc. Gobler has been specifically designed for anyone who works on hefty sound related projects and wants to create backup of project files in real-time. It natively supports all the widely popular sound editing suites including, Neundo, GarageBand, Logic, ProTools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Reaper, Digital Performer, Record, Reason, and Studio One.

In addition to backing up music workstation projects, it allows users to collaborate on music creation projects. You can send project or music files from within the application via email and similarly receive attachments from others. This enables you to not only backup your important data but also to share your project files with your friends and team members.

For the first time usage, it needs to scan all your local and removable disk drives for project files of aforementioned sound editing suites. When it finds project files, it starts listing them down on main screen. Gobler consistently monitors your disks for changes and updates of project files, so they can be immediately synced with your account.

Screen Shot 2011-08-04 at 10.32.08 AM

Under All My Project window in Library section, it shows all disk locations which are being scanned for supported applications’ project files. You can view the project files which have been backed up from Backed Up Projects window. The projects you backup up through Gobler can be shared with anyone without having to uploading them again. Moreover, you can access backed up projects from anywhere and import them to respective sound editing suites. As far as the confidentiality and security of your project is concerned, Gobler uses bank-grade encryption algorithm to protect your data from unauthorized sources.

If you backup your music project related data on USB flash drives or external hard drives, you can create replica of your portable disks through Gobler. When you plug-in your devices, it prompts you to scan the disk to find and backup music related projects.

Screen Shot 2011-08-04 at 11.36.35 AM

With Gobler, you can’t lose tracks of projects files and music folders, as it can catalog your uploads, manage them, and perform de-duplication to avoid tweaking with different versions of music project files. One noteworthy feature is restore previous file versions. Since Gobler makes copies of your uploaded project files, you can restore any version of file whenever you want.

The idea behind integrating SoundClound into Gobler is to let you manage their musical creations and publish them from one platform. With Gobler, you can manage SoundCloud stream, publish musical pieces directly to SoundCloud, and bulk-tag your uploads and send them to SoundCloud.

The Music project collaboration feature redefines the way you share music files and collaborate on music related tasks. Using the in-build send/receive features, you can send files via email and receive them using mail protocols. The received attachments can be easily uploaded to your Gobler account.

send recieve 2

Gobler proves to be a useful service for uploading and managing your precious music editing projects. If you use tools like Nuendo, GarageBand, Digital Performer, etc.,  and have saved tons of music projects, try out Gobler to upload them to cloud instead of relying on USB flash drives. As of now, Gobler is available for Mac. It works on Mac 10.6 or later. Windows version will be launched soon.

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