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Create QR Codes For Text, Links, Maps, Contacts & WiFi Networks On Mac

QR codes are quite useful for quickly accessing information from our mobile devices. This mostly includes URLs for websites, links to apps’ installation pages, links to map locations, and promotion codes for discounts. Though that’s not it – QR codes can hold just about any kind of information that you want to embed into them. QR Factory is a $4.99 app available in the Mac App Store  that lets you create QR codes for addresses, contact cards, Wi-Fi networks, emails, plain text and phone numbers. The QR codes can be customized in a number of ways; you can change the foreground and background color, add a gradient, manage the roundness of the code pattern, and customize the size of the final output. These codes can be saved in PNG format, and printed to place anywhere for others to scan them.

Using QR Factory is quite simple; launch the app and you will see seven different tabs, each for a particular type of content. These include Text, Email, URL, Location, Phone, Person, and Wi-Fi. The Location tab allows you to enter an address, and the QR code generated as a result will show it on Google Maps. The Phone tab allows you to enter a number that will be dialed when scanned, though this didn’t work on an iPhone during our testing.

The QR code is generated live as you enter the information. To customize it, click the ‘Customize’ button and a window will open, allowing you to change the appearance of the QR code. Here, you can manage its size and color, and even add an icon image to it if you like. QR Factory also allows you to verify if the QR code before you choose to save or print it.

QR Factory

For everyday in-home use, the code can be a great way to allow guests to easily connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you send out invites, you can add a code that gives driving directions so people can find your business or house more easily. In addition, you can add a QR code for address or  phone number to your visiting card for allowing others quick access to the information from their smartphones.

The customization option will let you create codes that are fun; you can have something other than the usual black and white, and you can also add a personalized touch by embedding a small picture such as your logo. While QR Factory wouldn’t likely motivate you to start printing QR codes for every other thing, it does make the process of creating ones for these specific use scenarios very easy.

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