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Create Rules To Customize File Organization With File Sorter [Mac]

File managers mostly emphasize on moving, renaming and deleting files rather than actually organizing them according to user-defined rules. Since it’s practically impossible for an application to cover all the aspects of file organization, it’s advisable to use an app which allows you to create customized rules for organizing and sorting files as per requirements. One such file organizer is File Sorter. It is a rule based app for Mac which organizes files in exactly the way you want. You can create multiple rules to manage your frequently used folders, including, home, downloads, applications, documents, music, etc., within a few seconds. Once you have defined rules with actions which are to be performed on specific type of files, you just have to drag the cluttered up folder over its dock icon to perform the actions – move, copy, delete, rename, over the specified type of files.

This comes handy in many situations. Consider, your download folder being filled with whole lot of different type of files, such as, DMG, MP3, FLAC, MP4, XML, APP, etc. With File Sorter installed, you can instantly create a rule to move required type of files at your favorite locations. For instance, you can move all music and movies files to Music and Movies folders, trash all XML files, and copy DMGs to any App folder. Creating rules is easy. Just launch the application, click Add, enter rule name, and from center pane, define rule by applying condition on Filename, Extension, Owner, Full Path, Size, Creation Data, etc. Now mention the specifics according to the file element you chose earlier. From bottom window, you can associate actions with the defined condition.

file sorter 2

In the screenshot below, you can see that we’re creating a rule to move ZIP files to specific folder. Once you’ve defined conditions and rules, click Add to create a new rule.

file sorter 1

Now when you drag the folder which you wish to organize over its dock icon, it will instantly apply rule(s) over folder according to defined conditions.


File Sorter works on Mac 10.6.6.

Install File Sorter from App Store

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