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Cut with Drag & Drop: Mac OS X Dock Shortcut For Moving Files & Folders

We’ve previously covered two apps for Mac, Droppy and DragonDrop, both of which make it convenient to drag & drop files or folders between desktop spaces. Both apps carry a price tag, and while their interface is excellent and they work without any glitches whatsoever, there is still the fact that you have to pay for a very basic sort of functionality. Cut with Drag & Drop is a free Mac app that is somewhat similar to both the former apps. It won’t help you move files between desktop spaces; rather, it provides a docking station for moving a file or folder to a new location.

Cut with Drag & Drop works from its Dock icon. Select the file or folder (you can select as many as you want) that you want to move, and drag & drop it onto the scissors icon. The icon should appear with a green arrow pointing left, which shows that state of the app as ready to accept files and folders for moving. Once a file is added, the green arrow turns red and points in the opposite direction (to the right), with a numbered badge indicating how many files and folders are to be moved.

Cut with Drag & Drop ready    Cut with Drag & Drop

To add them to a folder, select the folder from its location and drag & drop it onto the app’s Dock icon. The files that you added previously will be moved to the folder you dropped, and the icon will return to its original state with the green arrow. During this whole process, you can use the system clipboard for copying text or files etc, and it will not interfere with the app.

Cut with Drag & Drop folder

Granted that the app has somewhat limited functionality, but if you often move files between folders, it will help speed up the process. Normally, if you were to move files to a folder nested inside several others, you would select the file and hover over a folder, wait for it to open and then drop the file there. There is a slight delay before the folder opens, and if you’re moving files to a folder within a folder, within a folder (folder inception), you will face several of these delays.

Cut with Drag & Drop acts as a holding dock for files you want to move, but unfortunately, you can’t select those files and drop them on to an app’s open window, which limits its functionality. You can, however, select a file open in an app (like a photo open in an image editor or a picture in your browser), drag & drop it to Cut with Drag & Drop, and proceed to move it to a folder.

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