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Doit.im Mini: Group Time-Defined Tasks By Projects & Sync Them [Mac]

Doit.im Mini is a free Mac app for managing your tasks. It allows you to group tasks by projects and runs unobtrusively in the Menu Bar. The app’s interface is just one of the main reasons to give it a try, so elegant and simple it is. To use the app, you have to sign up for a free account. Doit.im Mini can be accessed easily via the built-in keyboard shortcuts that you can modify to suit your usage. Additionally, the app allows you to quickly add tasks via the ‘Smart Add’ feature, which has shortcuts and syntax support for quickly recording the time and deadline for a project or a task. The syntax is simple and allows you to append time and date to a task in addition to adding a new project.

Launch the app and click Don’t have an account to open the sign up window. If the app fails to register your account with the information you enter, alter the username you’ve chosen. The app does not prompt you if there is a problem with the user name – an annoyance, indeed – but nothing you can’t work around. You will also need to verify your account before you can begin syncing, which is done via a link emailed to you.

Doit.im Mini login

Doit.im Mini comes preloaded with a bunch of tasks that help you get through the basics of the app. Interface-wise, the app is divided into two tabs; Uncompleted (should read ‘Incomplete’; the grammar nazis will come calling) and Completed.

The Uncompleted category has three buttons at the top for managing which tasks you view. The Inbox button lets you view currently active tasks, the Today button lets you see all tasks for the day, while the calendar like Scheduled button lets you view all tasks that are due any other day except the current day. Tasks can be scheduled for an indefinite date and they go to the Someday category, which is the cloud like icon. The Completed tab has two buttons; one that allows you to see completed tasks for the day, and one that lets you view tasks completed in the past.

Doit.im Mini

A plus button at the bottom left allows you to add a new task. You can enter a title, a deadline (All Day option must be unchecked for this), enter a project name and make a note. Click Save when you’ve added your task. Projects allow you to group different tasks.

Doit.im Mini new task

To add a smart task hit Control+Command+N or select Smart Add from the app’s menu bar icon. Type ? to view the complete syntax and how to use it.

Doit.im Mini smart add

Doit.im Mini lets you modify the shortcuts for adding new tasks, marking a task as complete and more from its Preferences. You can also set the app to start at login and choose the auto-sync interval.

Doit.im Mini preferences

The app is definitely feature rich and excellent for keeping tasks synced across Macs. The interface is simple to use and most things are self explanatory.

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