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Easily Capture Selected Screen Area & Save It To Pictures Folder With EasyScreenCrop [Mac]

Mac OS X has possibly one of the best built-in screenshot tools you can find on a desktop OS. It trumps the simple Print Screen method for capturing the screen in Windows by allowing users to capture the entire screen, an active window or just a selected area of the screen. Despite the screen capturing tool being fairly sophisticated, there are plenty of alternatives available for the same purpose. Some apps allow users to capture and annotate screenshots as well as upload them to a cloud service for quick sharing, while others are fairly simple like EasyScreenCrop, which offers a single functionality; capturing a selected area of the screen. Worth $0.99 in the Mac App store, it might seem a tad pricey since it does only one trick. The application only supports PNG format, and saves images to your Pictures folder as soon as you capture them. Unlike the default screenshot tool, it doesn’t require you to use the exhaustive hotkey combination for capturing the screen, instead you can capture the selected screen area using just the left click.

To use EasyScreenCrop, launch the app and directions for using it will appear on your screen. Left click and then select the area you want to capture. Release the mouse button and the image goes to ~Pictures/EasyScreenCrop.


The main purpose of the app is to act a supplementing tool; if you have the default screenshot utility save images in another format (maybe JPEG) and/or at a different location and need a little something on the side to store screenshots elsewhere, you can use EasyScreenCrop for saving images in PNG format.

The major flaw with the app is that you have to always launch it from the Launchpad. There are no keyboard shortcuts to activate the app, and with the lack of an interface, this is a huge barrier in its usage. It hinders the user from quickly launching the app. A shortcut is something the developers should consider adding on priority.

The question is, should this $0.99 app have more features, and if yes then what? There are already many apps available that let you capture the entire screen or an active window. Keeping in mind the minimalism of this app, perhaps a time delayed screenshot would be a good idea. Time delayed screenshots are supported natively in OS X, but you will find few other apps in the Mac App store that do the same. For some, the $0.99 might seem like a splurge, but for a quick and clean utility on the side, this isn’t bad provided a keyboard shortcut is integrated. Testing was carrried out on Mac OS X 10.8.

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