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Easy File Hider: Quickly Hide/Show Files & Folders On Your Mac [Paid]

Viewing hidden files on Mac isn’t one of the easier things to do. While it isn’t impossible, it requires you to either go poking in the Terminal, or to use a modifying app like Lion Secrets, and this is just to view hidden files. What if you wanted to hide a file like your Will, Insurance details or plans for conquering the world and the blue prints to your mind control machine? Easy File Hider is a Mac app worth $1.99 in the Mac App Store that lets you quickly mark a file as hidden or visible. Additionally, you can password protect access to this app, so that even if someone gains access to your system, they won’t be able to unhide your files and find them.

The app’s interface is simple and supports drag & drop. You can hide individual files or entire folders by dropping them on to the app’s window. When you first drop a folder, it is added and analyzed by the app. If the file’s attribute are set to show the file, Visible will appear in the Status column for that file/folder. If the attribute is set to hidden, Hidden will appear in the Status column. To hide files, select it and click the Hide button at the top or right-click it and chose Hide from the context menu. To show files that you’ve hidden, i.e., mark them as visible, select the file and click Show.

Easy File Hider

To password protect the app, click Preferences and check the Require a password to open option. Enter and confirm your password. Additionally, you can prevent hidden files from being access through recent file history by renaming them. Check the Rename files to prevent access from recent file lists.

Easy File Hider preferences

This app essentially lets you hide files or mark them as visible. Remember that if you’ve tweaked your Mac so that hidden files are visible, the files you hide can be seen by anyone. This app essentially changes files attributes, but whether or not the file will remain visible, depends on your Mac’s settings.

Get Easy File Hider From Mac App Store

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