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Extract iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Backup [Mac]

Users who have been using iPhone and iPod Touch know that Apple uses iTunes to create full backup of the device, which can be later used to restore the device to its original state if needed. Similar is the case with the newly released iPad. These backups, however, are contained as a single file and individual pieces of content cannot be taken out. JuicePhone is a free tool for Mac that allows one to extract the backup file and save individual content files as needed.

This allows browsing of backup data on the computer and can be really helpful if you want to save notes, SMS text messages, contacts, downloaded tracks are more.

In order to use this tool, you need to have at least one encrypted iPhone/iPod Touch backup file present on your system.


When loaded, the software allows you to select from all the backup files present on your system. The contents of the selected file can then be explored. You also have the option to extract data from installed applications. Select the desired app and click extract. Simple as that.


The preferences dialog allows control over the program’s own features. JuicePhone also provides full information about the backed up devices, including their serial number and identifiers.


The software supports iPad backups as well, hence making it useful for users of any type of iDevice. It also supports 64-bit architecture and has been optimized for multicore processors. JuicePhone requires a minimum of Mac OS X 10.5 or later to work.

Download JuicePhone

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  • “…In order to use this tool, you need to have at least one encrypted iPhone/iPod Touch backup file present on your system….”

    wrong! – the app will only work with unencrypted backups. for fuck’s sake what is the point in even writing an article, if you can’t get an elemental fact like this right? i found your site by googling for an app which would help me extract files from an old encrypted iphone backup.

    thanks for wasting ten minutes of my life, you tit!

    • Hecky

      Did you ever find a way to extract files from an encrypted backup?

  • Drosophila


    Maybe that’s hysterical, but the app froze up, would not quit, would not let my mac restart so I tried to restart it manually, and now I get white screen and nothing when I try and turn it back on.  Hopefully the Genius Bar will be able to save me tomorrow.  BUT DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!!

  • June 1990

    suddenly (iFile) stop showing any usb connected to my ipad2.
    I found the var file in the trash.
    then I move it to the hard disk and rewriting it over the var file which was already there.
    After I’ve done this. my ipad stop working
    and I’ve tried a lot to restore it but its not working
    my ipad does not appear in itunes
    and its just restarting and viewing the apple icon
    help me please

  • feren

    You can use a tool named MobiKin iOS Transfer to transfer data from iphone or ipad to computer directly.