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Farensius Puts Weather In Your Preferred Unit On The Menu Bar [Mac]

You can find a lot of great widgets for the Mac Dashboard; calculators, calendars, dictionaries and more of the like. The only thing is, how often do you switch to the Dashboard to do something? To interrupt your work on any one of the desktop spaces and switch to the Dashboard for a widget isn’t convenient, and that is probably why you’ll find a lot of apps that do what a widget does. Farensius is a free Mac app that puts the local weather on your menu bar and makes it more accessible compared to the weather widget. It lets you pick which unit you want to view the outside temperature in, lets you define how frequently the app should check for updates (as opposed to giving a single reading for the entire day), and you can even force the app to check for an update.

When you first launch the app, you will see the preferences window where you will first have to set up your location. The app normally just displays current temperature based on a city name; however, if two different places have the same name (totally possible), you should enter the country or state to mark your desired location. Select the temperature unit, either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and use the Weather update frequency slider to select the refresh interval in minutes.

Farensius preferences

You can choose to display just the temperature or the app icon ( a cloud) on the menu bar. To force the app to check for a temperature update, click the app icon and select Update weather.

Farensius rainyFarensius rainyFarensius overcast

The app gives an indication of the weather conditions outside by changing the app icon. A cloud represents cloudy weather, the sun means it is bright and sunny outside, and a cloud with little raindrops means you’ll need your umbrella.  The app, surprisingly, gives a much more accurate reading than the native weather widget, and while it is unclear where the app pulls readings from, they are on the mark nevertheless. Since the app doesn’t define your location itself, you can use it to monitor weather in any city, worldwide.

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    I have recently released a premium version of this app called Farensius Desktop, which adds the functionality for a user to choose what desktop wallpaper to display for different weather conditions. The app is available for 0.99 USD. Let me know if you are interested in reviewing it and I can give you a promo code and even a few additional promo codes for your readers. Cheers.

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