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Favoriteer Is A Standalone, Lightweight RSS News Reader For Mac

Google Reader’s demise is almost on us, and yet I still instinctively visit the service every morning. A part of me thinks I should start getting used to something new, while the other part says I should enjoy using Google Reader while it is around. Google Reader itself reminds me occasionally that it will be gone forever on July 1, 2013, but I still haven’t decided what service I will turn to in the end. Feedly is looking the best at the moment. If you’re a Mac user still out on the hunt for something minimal to replace Google Reader with, Favoriteer is a another option. Available in the Mac App Store for free, the app is new and works independently of Google Reader. It’s a fairly basic RSS app that lets you subscribe to feeds individually, and you cannot import your feeds from an XML file, which can be a bummer for those migrating from Google Reader. Favoriteer runs in the Menu Bar and appears on your desktop as a floating window that  fades out when it isn’t in focus, so that you can see the app behind it.

The app available in four different languages and comes with a long list of websites that you can follow. Interface-wise, the news items in a feed are sorted by source and the only way to view news items from another source is to scroll up/down. Favoriteer won’t add the suggested websites to your feed by default, so when you first start using the app, you can either go to its preferences to select a feed from the suggestions, or click the RSS icon at the bottom-left to add a feed from its link.

Favoriteer add

The news items appear with ads. You can refresh the feed by clicking the refresh icon at the bottom. The button with an upward pointing arrow lets you scroll directly to the top, while the one resembling two stacked windows will snap the Favoriteer window to the top-right corner of your screen.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 6.22.55 PM

To view the list of websites that Favoriteer recommends, click the heart button to go to its preferences and check the website you want to read feeds from. The general tab in Favoriteer’s preferences allows you to select the language, your default RSS reader, the frequency of checking for new items, and the time to keep your timeline’s content i.e. the received news items for, before cleaning them up. You can also set Favoriteer to run when your system starts up.

Favoriteer pref

Favoriteer is not very rich in features and with no way to organize feeds, it isn’t likely going to replace your default reader. It is best suited for users who need to follow very few feeds, given those feeds do not receive a lot of news items.

Download Favoriteer For Mac

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