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FeedWizard: Simple RSS Reader That Regularly Deletes Old Items [Mac]

We covered quite a few RSS readers in the past, NewsBar is one such app that displays your feed on your desktop but costs $4.99. Cappuccino is another excellent RSS reader; it is free and lets you import feeds from Google Reader. FeedWizard is yet another free RSS reader for Mac that lets you manage your feeds. It is minimalistic and can be used to manage feeds without needing a Google account. The app comes with its built-in viewer that allows you to view a complete news item without opening your browser. No ads are displayed, and you simply view the text and the images in a news item with more article suggestions from the same site.

The app does not come preloaded with any feeds, you can start adding the sites you want to follow by clicking the plus button at the bottom left. Enter the URL of the feed in the box that opens, and click Subscribe to add the feed. It will pull the last 30 items in the feed within a minute.

FeedWizard view

The app is divided into three columns; the first column displays all feeds you’ve added, complete with the the site’s favicon. The second column lists all items in a selected feed, while the third one lets you view a single item. Links in the feed are not functional.

The app automatically checks for new items, to change how frequently the app checks for new items, go to the app’s preferences and chose an interval from the Check for updates dropdown. Additionally, the app keeps your reader clean by deleting old items. You can select from the preferences how old an item should be to be deleted.

FeedWizard preferences

The app displays the number of unread items in your feed on its Dock icon (an RSS icon wearing what appears to be the Hogwarts sorting hat). Although it isn’t as feature rich as Cappuccino, it nevertheless works perfectly and will keep your RSS reader clean.

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