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FileDesk LITE: Tabbed File Browser With Command+X Cut Support [Mac]

Mac’s default file browser, the Finder, isn’t one of the things you hear users complain about. It works reasonably well and for the few things that are missing, you can always enable them via a few simple Terminal commands or apps. For some, the Finder may not be a matter of too few features, but rather too many of them that you might not use or need. FileDesk LITE is a simple file browser for Mac that lets you browse files in tabs. The app mimics how you would use a web browser and has a ‘up one level’ button that lets you return to the previous or parent folder. Additionally, the app has Command+X support for files (cut functionality), which is missing in Finder. The app doesn’t support complex features; labels and shortcuts (aliases) are supported but the app is interface focused and is meant for someone with simpler needs. The app runs in a single window and tabs allow you to view different folders separately.

Launch the app and start browsing files. The app lets you add new tabs via the New Tab button or the Command+T shortcut (just like in Safari, Chrome and Firefox). Tabs can be moved by clicking and dragging them on the tab bar, however, they cannot be detached to open in a separate window.

FileDesk LITE

The app supports other functions too that are intuitive for you if you’re a long time Windows user who’s switched to Mac. The Backspace key lets you return to the previous folder you were viewing. This functionality is different from the ‘Up one folder’ button on the app’s toolbar that allows you to go to the parent folder of the current one. The app has a sidebar similar to the one in Finder and you can add folders to it. It allows you to view either these  quick access folders which are called ‘Bookmarks’ or view the list of folders in a directory. You can change what the sidebar shows from the dropdown menu on each tab.

FileDesk LITE buttons

You can grab an app or folder and drag it to another tab to easily move it. Additionally, an app, file or folder can be ‘cut’ using the Command+X shortcut. The app also has a small bar along the bottom of the window that allows you to see file and folder paths. It isn’t meant for power users but is excellent if you’d like to keep window clutter to a minimum.

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