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FixIt II: Remove Unnecessary Characters & Spaces From Forwarded Emails

Forwarded emails, or just very very long threads of them, get ridiculous at one point. You are rarely going to go and scroll through an entire conversation, and even if you do need to check back on what was previously said, it would help if you didn’t have to deal with the formatting that is added when emails are forwarded or replied to, i.e., the long lines along the left or the “>” characters. FixIt II is a free little app for Mac that helps you clean up some of the formatting that’s added to these chain messages and long conversations. It allows you to choose what you want to clean, and once your message has been reformatted, it is automatically copied to your clipboard for pasting.

Once installed, launch the app and read the brief instructions in the app window. When you paste text, the vertical bars along the left of a chain message are removed automatically. You can remove “>’ from the text be clicking Simple and remove extra unnecessary spaces by clicking Complex. Clicking Clear will remove all text from the window. If you previously pasted and edited text in the app, it will have been copied to your clipboard, so if you’re looking to paste the original text again to start over, you will have to copy it from the source.

FixIt II

FixIt II has plenty of room for improvement, While it rids forwarded messages of extra characters, it doesn’t address a major problem, i.e., the long long list of email addresses that are added to a message as they are forwarded from one person to another. The text is unnecessary, and perhaps a way to retain only the original message would be a good feature for an app like this. Not only will it prevent email addresses from being passed on to the wrong people (or just people who have no business with them), it will also save whoever you are emailing from having to scroll a mile just to read whatever it is that’s been forwarded. Perhaps a find and replace feature would also help boost the usefulness of this app, which is limited at the moment. The feature will allow you to selectively remove recurring text in an email which might include someone’s contact information that appears in a signature or something similar.

Although FixIt II performs a trivial function, it nevertheless saves time that you would spend scrolling, selecting and then deleting text bit by bit. Lets hope new features are added to make it even better. FixIt II has no preferences and what you see in the main window, is all you get.

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