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FlyingWindows Keeps Only One Mac App Window In Focus To Help You Concentrate Better

Working without distractions isn’t easy unless you make a deliberate effort to minimize them in the first place. As far as distractions created by people around you are concerned, you could perhaps hang a Do Not Disturb sign outside your room or office, but that still won’t stop the distractions that appear on your Mac’s screen in the form of emails, instant messages or even your web browser. FlyingWindows is a free Mac app that helps you stay focused in an unconventional way. Most apps that help you stay focused do so by restricting access to certain unnecessary apps or blocking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. What FlyingWindows does is that it keeps only a single app’s window to in focus, and minimizes all the rest. This ensures that while you’re working, all other apps are kept out of sight. You can choose to either minimize apps or hide them. Now, you might need more than a single app to work with, and would prefer if they were not minimized or hidden, which is why you have the option to whitelist certain apps to keep them from being minimized.

FlyingWindows adds a hot air balloon icon to the menu bar that lets you minimize/unminimize windows and access the app’s preferences. The app can be disabled/enabled any time using the Option+Control+F shortcut.


Visit the app’s Settings from the menu bar and select a running mode for it. You can have the app either minimize, hide or minimize and hide the windows. Only one option (behavior) can be selected. You can enable one or both the options to unminimize a single (the most recent) or all app windows.

It will take you a while getting used to this app, but it’s basically a minimize all/restore all button that works on a single or all apps depending on the settings you picked.

FlyingWindows preferences

By default, iTunes is never minimized and if you want to whitelist other apps, click the little button just under the Unminimize All Windows option or visit the Excluded Apps tab in Settings. App minimization can also be delayed by checking the Minimize & Unminimize Using Slow Motion option and specifying the time in seconds.

While the app’s concept is good, it isn’t exactly bug free. The response time is slow and sometimes it doesn’t appear that a command has been sent to the app at all. The keyboard shortcut to enable/disable the app is nice, but what would have been better is if it had a button to minimize and restore app windows instead. Hopefully the developer will iron out these bugs in the next update, till then, this app is for the truly patient.

Download FlyingWindows From Mac App Store

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