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Gelatin: Merge Any Two PDF Files Into One, Watermark-Free PDF [Mac]

Editing, merging, and extracting PDFs is a normal function that just about anyone might need. In late December, we covered PDFDesk, an app that allowed you to extract pages from PDF documents in multiple image and PDF formats. Gelatin, that wonderful stuff that the elf ears in Lord Of The Rings were made of, is a Mac app that lets you merge two PDF files into one. The app has a simple drag & drop interface, and seamlessly merges two PDFs into one, without adding any sort of watermark. The app is also free of PDF size restrictions, which means, regardless of the file size or the number of pages in the PDF, you can merge it with another.

The app’s interface is a small window with a progress bar. Drag & drop a PDF on to the window, and wait for the app to give you the Waiting for second file… message, just below the progress bar. Drag & drop the second file onto the app’s window when you see this message.

Gelatin add PDF

The app will then ask you to enter a name for the output file. You can choose a location for where the file is saved each time you merge two files, or you can let the file save to the default location. The app will merge both files in a few seconds, but the time can vary depending on the size of the files.

Gelatin save output

You can change the default location and the default name that files are saved with from the advanced preferences. The app can be set to quit, and to beep, when it has finished merging the files from general preferences.

Gelatin general preferences

The first file that you drag & drop on to the app’s interface will appear first in the output file. You can merge only two files at a time. If you choose to hide the interface from the advanced preferences, it is likely that you will never see your preferences again. For quickly and effectively merging PDFs, Gelatin is an effective PDF merger. The interface is pretty clean; no extra buttons, and simple drag & drop to convert.

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