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Get An Alert When You Turn Caps Lock On/Off In macOS

The Caps key is precariously placed between the Shift and Tab keys. Both are used often. The Caps key also roughly sits next to the letter A key. All three are used quite often but the same cannot be said for the Caps key. If you often accidentally strike the Caps key on your Apple keyboard, you only find out about it when you start typing. Captin is a free macOS app that gives you an HUD alert and a sound alert when you turn Caps On/Off. The app is feature rich with a Dock icon and a menu bar icon that indicates the state of the Caps key. Here’s how it works.

Download and install Captin. In macOS Sierra, you will need to go to the System Preferences to open it because it if from an unidentified developer.

Once you have it running, the Captin will add a button to the Menu Bar that turns green when Caps lock is On.


It will also give you an HUD alert each time you turn Caps On or Off. This HUD alert will be accompanied by a sound alert as well.


Captin lets you customize the color its Menu Bar button turns to indicate the On state of the Caps lock. It also lets you disable the Menu Bar button and the sound alerts from its preferences. Additionally, you can set Captin to launch at login and manage the transparency of the HUD alert.


Captin isn’t just an incredibly useful utility; it’s also very cusomizable. Just about anything you might dislike about the app can be turned Off or changed. There is no setting that lets you set how long the HUD alert remains on your screen but it doesn’t remain on your screen too long and it doesn’t interrupt your workflow.

Captin is aesthetically one of the best ways to get an alert when you turn caps lock on/off.

Download Captin 

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