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GreenOrbmax Brings Windows Like Maximize App Window Function To Mac

Recently, we talked about how Mac OS X acts when you click close (red) button of any application and recommended RedQuits. If you’re looking for a similar solution for green orb button which compacts the interface or switch between standard and user state viewing modes instead of maximizing the window in question, try out GreenOrbmax.

GreenOrbMax replaces Mac OS X default switching between viewing modes with Windows like maximize/restore like function. It’s just another application from same developer who wrote RedQuits to fix red close button of application window. GreenOrbMax works with all application windows which can be resized or have inconsistent window maximize/restore behavior.

GreenOrbmax comes as a package (PKG) and requires you to enter administrator password during installation. Once installed, open GreenOrbmax and from its dock option, select Keep in Dock to quickly enable GreenOrbmax functionality. Just like RedQuits, launch GreenOrbMax to replace the default green orb click function with Windows like maximize/restore button behavior. Once it is up and running, click green orb in title bar of window to maximize it.


GreenOrbmax works on Mac Snow Leopard without any problems. However, Mac OS X users may face issues while maximizing application windows, like, iTunes, iCal, Address Book, etc., through GreenOrbmax. It works on Mac 10.6 or higher.

Download GreenOrbmax


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