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Grrrabit: Grab Regional Screenshots, Share Online & Save Locally [Mac]

Screenshot tools are pretty much a desktop thing. With most tools, the general premise is that a screenshot is meant to be taken and used on your system, and not for sharing most of the times. Grrrabit is Mac app that is different; as opposed to features for capturing your screen, active windows or screen areas, the app only allows you to capture any region on your screen, draw on it, copy the image to your clipboard, and upload it online to the app’s service with a public sharing link. Screenshots that you take are saved both to your local system, and uploaded to the service.

Launch the app and click either the little bunny in the system menu bar or on the app window, and the app will go directly to capture mode. When in capture mode, the rabbit in both the menu bar and on the app window turns blue. Your cursor turns into a crosshair pointer that you can drag over any area to capture it.

Grrrabit capture mode

When you’ve captured an image, the app will open it immediately, and you have the option to save it locally or upload it to the service and save a local copy. To save and upload an image, click Post, and to save an image locally, click Save As…


Before you upload the image or save it locally, you can use the built-in doodle tool to highlight or mark an area of the image. Click the pencil just above the Save As… button, and start drawing, or click the eraser tool next to it to remove all marks you’ve made. To change the color of the doodle tool, click the square button next to the eraser tool, and a color palette will open for you to choose colors from.

Grrrabit tools

Enter a caption if you like, which might come in handy if you’re posting the the images online. When capturing images with the intent to upload them, you might want to click the small square button on the app’s main window, which will enable all captured images to be uploaded and viewed from the same URL. Send the URL to anyone you want to share the screenshots with. Images will be viewed in your default browser.

Grrrabit view  online

To view all screenshots you’ve captured, click the cog wheel on the app window, and a panel will slide open, listing all images that you’ve captured. Click any image once to open it, click View Online in the image view to browse the images online, or click One More Offline to view them from the local source. When you mouse over an image listed in the panel, it is previewed in the circular window, where the bunny appears by default.


The service hosts images for 24 hours only, but you will always have a local copy of any and all images that you upload online. Screenshot tools are pretty common now, and most allow you to capture images in three modes, but sharing is a rare feature. This app can be useful if you want a quick way of sharing anything from the preferences you’ve set for an app, an error message that you might have received, or even a design with someone.

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