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Add Contacts From Mac Clipboard & Easily Manage Groups With Guenon Contacts

The stock address book app in Mac OS X, Contacts, is great in terms of both functionality and design. Managing contacts with it is pretty easy in itself, especially if you’re just looking to move a single or multiple contacts to a group, but as far as an overview of an individual contact is concerned, the number of groups associated with it is left out. Guenon Contacts is an extremely lightweight contact manager, which lets you create groups and add contacts to them from the clipboard. The app can be minimized to a thin bar and activated by a keyboard shortcut. If you think managing groups in Contacts is easy, you will be surprised at how much easier it gets with this app.

Guenon Contacts does not copy your contacts from Contacts app, it accesses them directly from it and acts as a UI to the Contact app. Changes you make to your contacts in Guenon Contacts will be reflected in Contacts. Editing a contract is done in the Contacts app whereas, Guenon Contacts lets you add new contacts from your clipboard, edit or add notes to a contact, create groups and move or remove contacts from a particular group.

Guenon Contacts preferences

To view which groups a contact has been added to, click the group icon at the top right and the app window will expand to reveal the group panel. Select a contact and all groups that particular contact is associated with will be highlighted in blue. To remove that contact from a group, simply click it in the panel. The blue highlight will disappear and the contact will no longer be associated with it.

Similarly, to add a single or multiple contacts to one or many groups, select the contacts by holding down the Command key and then click each of the groups you want to associate those contacts with.

Guenon Contacts

If y0u compare Guenon Contacts with Contacts, the latter has more functions, as it can store and allow users to edit your contacts. If you look at contact management alone, both apps offer a different way of managing them. Contacts shows you which contacts are in a group, whereas Guenon Contacts shows you which groups a contact is in.

The app works well but flickers occasionally; if you’re viewing contacts in a particular group, it will jump back to the All Contacts view. If you do not name a group that you add via Guenon Contacts, it is is not added to Contacts and there is no way to rename or delete it. The interface is good, but the working can stand some improvement.

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