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Gyazo: Instant Screenshot Capture & Upload To Share Tool [Mac]

There are a myriad of screenshot capturing tools available for Mac, and while the native screenshot functionality isn’t bad either, all you need to do is hide the abnormally wide window shadows that it adds, and you’re all set. As far as simple screenshots are concerned, you will find most apps, free or paid, to be effective, but when it comes to sharing a screenshot, very few will integrate the feature. Gyazo is a Mac app that lets you capture any part of your screen, uploads the screenshot to its online server, opens it in your browser, and copies the URL to your clipboard.

The app has no interface to speak of; when you launch it, it appears in the Dock and transforms your cursor into a crosshair. Drag the crosshair across the area you want to capture. If you hit the Esc key, the app will exist automatically.


Wait for a brief moment, and your default browser will pop up with a new tab. Your image will be uploaded to the service, and if you right-click and paste or Command+V in any text or search box, the URL of the open tab will be pasted there, which makes it easier to share on social networks or instant messengers.

The app exits of its own accord, and you will have to launch the app each time you want to use it. There are no preferences that you can set. Images are saved in PNG format, and can be viewed from the web interface. However, to delete them, you will need a pro account. The app uses a free Gyazo account to keep track of your images, and the image preview itself is ad-supported. The pro account, worth $2.99 per month, removes ads, and lets you connect multiple Macs. Grrrabit is a Mac app that had similar functionality, and sported an interface as well.

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